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Microwave Absorber Products

Low Loss Dielectric Stock Materials- 210 Series

Cuming Microwave manufactures a full line of low loss dielectric materials. Our materials range in dielectric constant from 1.05 to 25. These materials have unique dielectric and physical properties. Dielectric materials can be used to adjust the Q of cavities, as impedance transitions, substrates for stripline antennas, in transmission lines, smart skins, as dielectric radomes, dielectric spacers, or for circuit substrates.

Products are available in rod or sheet form, pack-in-place syntactic foam, rigid foam sheet stock, or as a two-component foaming system. In addition to standard configurations, we can custom fabricate components and work with our customers to find creative solutions to tough problems.

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Plastic Stock With Adjusted Dielectric Constant
C-STOCK AK and AK-500 (210-1)

Low Dielectric Constant, Low Loss Sheet Stock
C-STOCK LowK (210-2)

Very Low Loss Polystyrene Sheet and Rod Stock
C-STOCK .0005 (210-3)

Lightweight Artificial Dielectric Material
C-STOCK 265 (210-4)

Low Dielectric Constant, Low Loss Structural Foam
C-STOCK RH (210-5)

Flexible, Low Loss Foam
C-FOAM PF-2 and PF-4 (210-6)

Flexible, Weatherproof Low-Signature Plastic Fabric
C-STOCK HCN (210-7)

Rigid Foam-In-Place Liquid Polyurethane
C-FOAM PK (210-8)

Silicone Rubber Casting Resin
C-SIL 285 (210-9)