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Semco® Glow in the Dark (GID) Tools

Glow-in-the-dark (GID) Semco® Sealant Tools are manufactured from a proprietary polymer that glows in the dark after being charged by a light source. 

Semco® GID tools are designed for use in areas where limited light is available, such as aircraft fuel tanks (center & wing) or vertical & horizontal stabilizers. 



Semco® packaging has formulated these tools from a proprietary resin that enables operators to see the tool in dark areas or to quickly find ones that have been left behind, reducing the likelihood of the item ending up as Foreign Object Debris or FOD. Some of these tools are also available in a red version which makes it easier under ambient light to see as it does not blend with common aircraft primers.
GID Sealant Pick: 235038 Technical Data Sheet
GID Spatula: 234989 Technical Data Sheet

Description Part Number   Buy Online
234989 - GID 10" Green Spatula 234989
235019 - Sembend Orange Model 640 235019
235028 - GID Green Scraper 235028
235037 - GID 10" Red Spatula 235037
235038 - GID Orange Sealant Pick 235038
235043 - Sembend Orange Model 8690 235043