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Aerospace Coatings, Pretreatments, Cleaners

Surface Solutions

Surface Solutions

  • PPG’s chrome-free pretreatments support our customers’ overall need to improve their sustainability goals while achieving high performance corrosion protection without the use of chromates.  Learn more about DesoGel EAP-9.

PPG Aerospace is growing its Pretreatment product line with new, chrome-free, corrosion inhibiting products. Our Desogel™ product line has become a basic component of the commercial aviation industry to promote excellent adhesion characteristics that are needed for the demands of high aircraft utilization.
With the addition of Spraylat, PPG Aerospace now supplies a broad range of temporary protective coatings to the aviation industry providing substrate protection during the manufacturing and assembly processes.

See announcement below regarding Eldorado product line.

Cee-Bee® Aviation acquires the Eldorado Aviation Product Line from
PPG Industries, click here to learn more.